The Plan:

Sayre Mansion Marker   Since my paternal grand father and one uncle were locomotive engineers for the Pennsylvania railroads for quite a while and I needed an excuse for some more rides, I thought I'd put together a tour to locate and take pictures of the historical markers in PA having something to do with the railroads.
  First step was to get a list of the markers.   Searching around the 'net I found The Pennsylvania Historical & Museum Commision and also both had searchable sites.   So I copied and pasted the info I thought I'd need from the websites to a text file so I could work on it even without internet access.
  Second Step was turn the list into mapped locations.   Using the addresses or rough locations from the historical websites, I found the actual locations using Microsoft Streets & Trips and online mapping programs like Google Maps to pinpoint them and get a lat-long location which I loaded into a text file for import.   The third step was to take the data and using my best rally routing techniques(sic), come up with a route (actually routes) that would a) keep me out of big cities like Philly and Pittsburgh (I'm not a fan of city traffic) and b) make it somewhat like an LD rally [1] where you would be under a time constraint . . . for training . . . and for fun!
  Looking at the Northeastern most locations first, I came up with two routes, each doable in 12 hours if everything went my way.   The plan was to spend 12 hours on a Saturday and a Sunday hitting the ones in Northeast PA . . . like this and this.   See "The Reality" below for . . . well . . . the reality.


The Reality:

May 5th, 2008
This actually got more wordy that I had planned, as such it fit better on a new page.   As usual, the reality did not follow the plan, click here to see why.